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  Welcome to Khoj, a passion project by Adi, developed as the major project for M.A Web Design and Content Planning at the University of Greenwich, London. The website is designed to unlock the mysteries of India and unveil its hidden gems. My website is dedicated to guiding curious souls on a journey beyond the typical tourist trails, as I believe that the true essence of India lies in its lesser-known marvels waiting to be explored.

"Khoj" is a Hindi word that means "search" or "discovery" in English. It can also refer to a quest or exploration for knowledge or truth. As a seasoned traveler and an ardent explorer, I have set out to share India's best-kept secrets, from tucked-away destinations to extraordinary cultural experiences, and everything in between. My goal is to inspire a deeper connection to this remarkable country and its diverse heritage.

g20 2023 india logo

Khoj proudly commemorates India's presidency of G20 for 2023. The G20, or Group of Twenty, is an international forum to promote global economic cooperation and stability consisting of 19 individual countries and the EU.

The G20 Logo draws inspiration from the vibrant colours of India’s national flag – saffron, white and green, and blue. It juxtaposes planet Earth with the lotus, India’s national flower that reflects growth amid challenges. Below the G20 logo is “Bharat”, written in the Devanagari script. The theme of India’s G20 Presidency - “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” or “One Earth · One Family · One Future” - is drawn from the ancient Sanskrit text of the Maha Upanishad. Essentially, the theme affirms the value of all life – human, animal, plant, and microorganisms – and their interconnectedness on the planet Earth and in the wider universe.

The logo conveys a powerful message of India’s G20 Presidency, which is of striving for just and equitable growth for all in the world, as we navigate through these turbulent times, in a sustainable, holistic, responsible, and inclusive manner. They represent a uniquely Indian approach to our G20 Presidency, of living in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.