pov of getting on the double root bridge which are live branches

Meghalaya, India

Double Living Root Bridge

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Unforgettable Experience

Located in the dense forest of Meghalaya, soaked with rainfall for most parts of the year are the amazing partially natural and man-made wonders of the living Root bridges.

The journey to reach this natural wonder is filled with breathtaking landscapes and mesmerizing trails. Walking across the two-tiered living bridge is both a thrilling and awe-inspiring, immersing you into the beauty of nature like never before.

double living root bridge in meghalaya from the side view with a creek flowing from below

It takes over 15 years for a root bridge to grow and develop as a strong bridge that can sustain the weight of the people crossing it. The roots become stronger over the years.

The beauty and cleanliness of the village is also outstanding. It's obvious that the residents have high regard for the environment. While the root bridge is undoubtedly remarkable, its surroundings feel like a place where magic happens.

Ancient Wisdom

There are waterfalls and natural swimming pools, clusters of huge brightly colored butterflies, mysterious sounds of the forest, and so much ancient wisdom.

pov of getting on the double root bridge which are live branches

The best time to visit the Double Living Root Bridge and the surrounding region is during the post-monsoon and winter months, from October to February. During this period, the weather is relatively dry and pleasant, with daytime temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). The rainy season, from June to September, can make trekking to the bridges challenging due to slippery paths and high water levels in streams.

Getting There

location_cityState & Capital - Shillong, Meghalaya

flightGopinath Bordoloi International Airport, Guwahati - 175 Kilometers

directions_carShillong ‐ 63 Kilometers, via SH-3

trainGuwahati Station - 154 Kilometers

double deckar living root bridge expresses is lush green surroundings

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