entrance to the gorumara national park in the morning

Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India

Gorumara National Park

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Himalayan Foothills

Gorumara National Park, situated in the Indian state of West Bengal, is a pristine wildlife sanctuary that stands as a testament to the region's natural beauty and biodiversity. Covering an area of approximately 79.99 square kilometers, Gorumara is part of the Terai-Dooars region, nestled in the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas.

The park's geographical diversity ranges from lush forests to expansive grasslands, providing a wide range of habitats for its diverse flora and fauna.

a herd of elephants in gorumara national park

One of the most striking features of Gorumara National Park is its dense forests, characterized by moist deciduous and semi-evergreen trees. These forests are home to an array of plant species, including sal, teak, and bamboo.

The park's tall grasslands are particularly important for the herbivores that graze here, sustaining a delicate ecological balance.

Rich and Diverse

Gorumara is renowned for its rich and diverse wildlife population, making it a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Among the park's notable inhabitants are Asian elephants, Indian rhinoceroses, Indian bison, sloth bears, leopards, and various species of deer like sambar and spotted deer. Birdwatchers also flock to the park to spot over 200 species of birds, including hornbills, pheasants, and woodpeckers.

entrance to the gorumara national park in the morning

One of the best ways to explore the beauty of Gorumara National Park is through jungle safaris. These safaris offer visitors the opportunity to observe wildlife in their natural habitats while enjoying the serene surroundings. The park authorities conduct guided jeep safaris and elephant safaris for an immersive and safe wildlife experience.

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location_cityState & Capital - Kolkata, West Bengal

flightBagdogra Airport - 75 Kilometers

directions_carSiliguri - 70 Kilometers via Gajol Doba Rd

trainNew Jalpaiguri Railway Station - 70 Kilometers

a rhino spotted in gorumara national park

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